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Qigong Can Change Your Life!

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“Qigong is the most profound health practice ever invented by mankind for the prevention of illness, reducing stress, managing chronic conditions, increasing longevity, and promoting healthy, active aging.”  — Tom Rogers, President, Qigong Institute

Qigong is an ancient Chinese energy art that combines focus, concentration, visualization, physical movement and specific breathing patterns to promote the balance flow of the vital life force which the Chinese refer to as Qi.

We will discuss..

What is qigong?

What does a qigong practice look like?

Developing a daily practice

What results to expect

-- AND we will provide a demonstration class 


Practicing qigong may result in the following side effects: strengthened immune system, less stress, improved breathing, resistance to infections, virus, cold and flu, better balance and coordination, increased strength and stamina, better focus and concentration, more restful sleep. 

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